A short selected list of written Biographical references.

Several biographical dictionaries, like Biographical Memoirs, Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Current Biography, Dictionary of American Biography Supplements, National Cyclopedia of American Biography, The Dictionary of National Biography, etc., are omitted in the following list, because they are indexed in works like Pelletier (below). Some journals, like Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London are frequently publishing obituaries of naturalists. A large Cumuladed Bibliography of Biographies of Ocean Scientists is published on the Internet by Scripps, including several of the persons in this list, but of course most of them are lacking there.


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Of course also nomenclatural works like Sherborn's "Index Animalium" 1758-1800 & 1801-50 and Neave's "Nomenclator Zoologicus" I-IV and it's appendix volumes (the last 2 volumes - VIII & IX - covering the period 1966-77 and 1978-94 were published by the Zoological Society of London in 1993 and 1996 and the internet edition is for the moment covering the period 1758-2004) have been very useful. There are also several older etymological books regarding scientific names, e.g. Miller, Walter, 1864-1949, a classical philologist, who in 1897 published the book "Scientific names of Latin and Greek derivation". San Francisco: California Academy of Sciences, but these books are usually out of print and Edmund C. Jaeger's book (see above) and e.g. Brown, Roland Wilbur (1893-1961) 1956. Composition of Scientific Words. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. (ISBN: 0-87474-286-2), which still are available, are very good for finding roots of non eponymic Scientific names, and several other books in other languages also are available for this purpose. It may also be noted, that persons who are constructing scientific names, can find some help consulting e.g. Oscar E. Nybakken 1985. Greek and Latin in Scientific Terminology. 322 pp. Iowa State Press. (ISBN: 0-8138-0721-2). There are of course several other useful books or links - e.g. Brenner & al. Etymology in Nomenclature of Procaryotes, (book chapter in Bergey's Manual ® of Systematic Bacteriology) - but the books written by Jaeger and Brown are the most fundamental.

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